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Jessica Joslin's Hybrid Brass & Bone Creatures

Influenced by natural history musems and Victorian taxidermy, artist Jessica Joslin fuses together the most amazing creatures straight out of a Lewis Carroll nightmare. Her treasures are made from parts found in "obscure junk shops, flea markets, attics, taxidermy supply houses, specialty hardware distributors...or even just walking through the woods."You must see her whole uneasy zoo here.

Jaclyn Brown's Surrealist Tableaux.

Canadian-born artist Jaclyn Brown's lush surrealistic paintings speak to me from a number of influences including the dreams of Frida Khalo to the landscapes of a feminist Hieronymus Bosch. She now resides in New York and teaches classes at the Muriel Guepin Gallery in Brooklyn when she's not painting.
"My work is inspired by dreams, experiences and things that I have read. My work often comes across as 'too much', and I want it to be that way. I love layers and sharing a million stories in one. Things are never really simple."
 To view more of her work visit her site here.

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