Kristin Skees: "Husband Cozies"

From "Husband Cozies" Series ©2008 Courtesy of the artist
Perhaps the indoor coziness of this LA rain has lately enamored me of artist Kristin Skees. Her "Husband Cozies"  series is humorous and slightly demented. From her site (which also features some of her video performance art):
The Husband Cozies series explores the fine line between protection and suppression, loving and smothering. The custom made cozies call to mind memories of ill-fitting sweaters, hand knit with love from a grandma or favorite aunt. However, these cozies evoke feelings of claustrophobia, objectification and suppression. All of this is intertwined with the darkly humored absurdity of the entire prospect of cozying ones husband and stashing him away for future use.

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  1. Anonymous

    The series is truly provocative. The colors, the finest details discovered after re-examining a picture you've looked at several times, the clarity of photography --- they all contribute to what makes these cozies so gripping. I'm a fan!

    March 22, 2011 at 4:00 AM