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Rodarte: States of Matter at MOCA.

If you get a chance you must go see the Rodarte Black Swan costume exhibit at the MOCA Pacific Design Center. It's a tiny show but to get up close to the costumes to see technically how they were constructed is so worth it. I loved the used of twine, metal and irregular stones. Gorgeous and inspiring!

Revisiting Jill Krementz.

My niece is at that age where ballet is important, and I wanted to give her a birthday present that I remember as being sort of fantasy-inspiring and seminal for I gave her A Very Young Dancer from the Jill Krementz "A  Very Young..." Series. Photographer and widow of Kurt Vonnegut, her black and white grainy photos always got my young imagination running and did exactly what they were meant to do. I reread the book again and the 70s series remains as iconic as it ever was.

RIP Violet.

Kristin Skees: "Husband Cozies"

From "Husband Cozies" Series ©2008 Courtesy of the artist
Perhaps the indoor coziness of this LA rain has lately enamored me of artist Kristin Skees. Her "Husband Cozies"  series is humorous and slightly demented. From her site (which also features some of her video performance art):
The Husband Cozies series explores the fine line between protection and suppression, loving and smothering. The custom made cozies call to mind memories of ill-fitting sweaters, hand knit with love from a grandma or favorite aunt. However, these cozies evoke feelings of claustrophobia, objectification and suppression. All of this is intertwined with the darkly humored absurdity of the entire prospect of cozying ones husband and stashing him away for future use.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Sliced: The Art of Jessica Harrison

Charlotte, 2010, mixed media, 23cm x 15cm x 15cm @Jessica Harrison. Courtesy of the artist.
I have a new piece on today about brilliant Scottish-based artist/sculptor Jessica Harrison. Her work is extremely provocative and happy that it's already stirring up many comments on the site.

Rachel Feinstein's Snow Queen Exhibit.

I really want to see Rachel Feinstein's The Snow Queen exhibit at The Lever House in NYC. (Through April 22, 2011) The show is a full-scale interpretation of the themes of beauty and ruin. The Lever House website has a cool "making of" slideshow. Feinstein is such a fashionable and talented influence. And also because I got the online avatar of "Robbergirl" from Anderson's famous fairy tale–it was a childhood obsession.

Photo courtesy of The Lever House Art Collection

SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery Fellowship Program

 Women artists: I received an email from the SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery today, and I'm posting it for you:

SOHO2O Chelsea Gallery is a non-profit, artist-run gallery that has been promoting the work of women artists through gallery exhibitions and public programming since 1973. Throughout our thirty-seven year history, we have been delighted to offer the Fellowship Membership as a part of our ongoing programs to support women artists. The SOHO20 Fellowship offers all the benefits of full membership to a selected woman artist free of financial obligation. This program is a fantastic opportunity for artists to join a network of quality women artists actively pursuing their artistic goals.

Fellowship Membership benefits include:
•One solo exhibition
•One group exhibition
•Artist representation on gallery website
•Artist inclusion in gallery flat files
•Opportunities for Artist led events  (i.e. Artist talks, panel discussions etc.)
•SOHO20 Gallery's Director and assistants are available 5 days a weeks for professional assistance and consultation.
•Studio visits and/or critique/discussion opportunities
•Access to SOHO20 for fiscal sponsorship

For eligibility guidelines and a complete prospectus please visit our website at
Deadline: Saturday May 7th

Victoire de Castellene at Gagosian Paris

Amanita Satana Diabolus, 2010 (image from Gagosian Gallery website)
Lacquered silver, white gold, yellow gold, opals, colored sapphires, mandarin garnets, spinels, diamonds, petrified wood
Necklace: 10 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches (25.8 x 16 cm) With base: 5 x 12 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches (12.5 cm x 31 x 21 cm)
Dreamy show "Fleurs d’excès" opens tonight at the Gagosian in Paris (Mar 2-22, 2011) of former Chanel designer, now jewelry creative director at Dior, Victoire de Castellane's amazing pieces. I have always admired her work, and consistent use of pop art and imagery infused into a most traditional craft.
From the press release:
Indifferent to convention though passionate about history and technical challenge, de Castellane’s ideas are driven by an exuberant imagination, deriving from sources as diverse as the élan vital of the natural world and the synthetic wonders of Technicolor; the Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney; voluptuous Hollywood screen idols and manga characters; the trash and fizz of pop culture and the darkest depths of the subconscious. The astonishing results blur the distinctions between the real and the artificial, the beautiful and the grotesque, the subtle and the excessively baroque. Provocative in form and content, de Castellane has created perverse treasures for the times in which we live.
Hallucinatory drugs and their promise of mind-expansion have fascinated and inspired artists the world over. De Castellane’s flowers are intoxicating, but also dangerous because of the poisons that they secrete. Here they personify the Romantic idea of women “under the influence” in a compendium of phantasmagorical specimens with faux-classificatory names, such as Heroïna
Romanticam Dolorosa
and Crystalucinae Metha Agressiva.

I start with a story, a world, never with the material. I find my stories in everything I observe and experience -- rebellion, love, sexuality, pleasure, violence, protection, psychoanalysis, and my taste for fairy tales…--Victoire de Castellane