Allison Green's Arboreal Portraits

There's been a lot of discussion in my neighborhood lately around trees...the pine tree may or may not be dying, the persimmon tree is full of palm tree fronds that the landlord refuses to pay to have removed. Needless to say, I love trees. So I'm happy to share Allison Green's forest of large scale oil paintings. Her first solo exhibition, "Deeply Rooted", opens this March at Susan Eley Fine Art, on the Upper West Side in NYC.

Playing upon the universal symbol of the family tree, the paintings are titled after women in my family. For example, Henrietta is named after my grandmother, originally from Spain, who grew up in Casablanca. Ultimately, she moved to Florida, where she found comfort in palm trees—they reminded her of “home.”  It is this very intimate connection to trees—they represent both where we come from and who we are—that I seek to illuminate in this work. In Arboreal Portraits, I express the powerful and resilient relationship between individuals and the universe through the venerable symbol of the tree.