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RIP Fabulous.

Sofia Coppola directs Natalie Portman for Dior Chérie.

Because it's sweet and the shot of Natalie in the bathtub with sunglasses on is pure Coppola and makes me happy today.

Allison Green's Arboreal Portraits

There's been a lot of discussion in my neighborhood lately around trees...the pine tree may or may not be dying, the persimmon tree is full of palm tree fronds that the landlord refuses to pay to have removed. Needless to say, I love trees. So I'm happy to share Allison Green's forest of large scale oil paintings. Her first solo exhibition, "Deeply Rooted", opens this March at Susan Eley Fine Art, on the Upper West Side in NYC.

Playing upon the universal symbol of the family tree, the paintings are titled after women in my family. For example, Henrietta is named after my grandmother, originally from Spain, who grew up in Casablanca. Ultimately, she moved to Florida, where she found comfort in palm trees—they reminded her of “home.”  It is this very intimate connection to trees—they represent both where we come from and who we are—that I seek to illuminate in this work. In Arboreal Portraits, I express the powerful and resilient relationship between individuals and the universe through the venerable symbol of the tree. 

Sergio Rossi Brass Breastplate.

Because, honestly. My breasts 100% need this. And that's no lie. See the whole modern day Amazonian collection here.

Michelle Groskopf, Kickstarter.

After reading today's NY Times article "Friday Night Fights," about model boys turned boxers, I find myself intrigued by photographer and director Michelle Groskopf, who is currently shooting a documentary on that underground world's star, one "Rockstar Charlie." However, her tumblr blog  is filled with wonderful candid photographs mainly from and around NYC and France. Interested to see what she does next.

The Bohemian Chic of Daughters of the Revolution.

Beautiful Los Angeles-based artist and designer Emily Cadenhead has an eccentric California Bohemian past. And it shows in her clothing line, Daughters of the Revolution. The Malibu and Palm-Springs daughter herself of a hippy-chic mother and the former president of Artisan recording studios, Emily has a genuine feel for her sunshine state it-girl clientel. As an former fine artist, she now incorporates her sweet but edgy aesthetics into this amazing organic clothing line. Peace, love and happiness!

Molly Surno: Faded American Dreams

Photographer and experimental filmmaker Molly Surno is attracted to the faded nostalgia of Americana. In her world, the things that get left behind become the most beautiful.
My images are meant to evoke a nostalgia for the massive and lonely terrain of the United States. They are insights into a vanishing Americana. The schizophrenic extremes and dreamy melancholy I feel for the country that I inhabit have been an endless inspiration to my artistic vision. I want to encourage and promote a sense of tenderness and moodiness for the kitschy subcultures of America. As our culture takes on new identities through technological advancements and globalization, I document spaces that are slowly disappearing. In a time where borders and neighborhoods are becoming obsolete and replaced by cyber communities I record local subcultures such as bowling alleys, nail salons, cockfights, all-you-can-eat-buffets, psychic shops, etc. with a sense of humor and homesickness. My images are intended to inspire the same feelings as looking through your grandparents photo album or collection of images in their hallway. They are emblems of the present that are soon to be “the good old days”.

The Making of Pedestal 02

Making of... Pedestal 02 from Anna Halldin-Maule on Vimeo.

RIP Maria Schneider.

Thank you for the tango.

Bodies And/As Things.

I recently discovered British artist and sculptor Jessica Harrison (whom I hope to profile for HuffingtonPost Arts soon). Her body and skin themed work is beautiful and queasy-making at the same time. She'll be showing in part of a group show which opens today at the Cerritos College Art Gallery but you can also check out her incredible work including some Mary Shelley-ish figurines on her site here.