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DIY: Andy Warhol Motion Pictures MOMA Exhibit

So cool. In conjunction with MOMA's Andy Warhol film exhibition is this very cool do-it-yourself screen test. Instructions on the MOMA site. Be your own avant-garde celebrity in black and white.

Sylvia Ji at Corey Helford Gallery

In timely fashion SF artist Sylvia Ji's caribou war-painted ladies will be on display at the Corey Helford gallery in Los Angeles opening December 11. An enticing touch is there will be a free gicleé print for the first 500 guests to show. I've seen Ji's work in person and the detail is stunning. Sure to be another popular show. From the press release:
Sylvia Ji is internationally recognized for capturing beauty in its most exotic forms. For “Shapeshifter”, Ji continues to evolve her elegant style, combining her narratives with elements of Native American mythology, designs and motifs. Shapeshifting is a theme that appears in Native American folklore, where a being acquires the ability to alter its physical appearance - such as a human changing into a wolf. Depending on whether the being is the subject of a curse or spell, the transformation may be intentional or not.
Sylvia Ji: Shapeshifter 2010