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Princess Hijab teen drawing.

Here's a treat: an exclusive drawing to femalepersuasion from Parisian controversial guerrilla artist Princess Hijab. Created when she was fifteen years old.

Megan Van Groll

Megan Van Groll's latest painting, "Bakery Brawl," (36"x48", oil on canvas) is a double self-portrait and focuses on the symbolic role of guilty pleasure food in our daily lives. To see more of Megan's work, or to purchase prints, visit her newly updated website here.

Beautiful collage work II ...Tiphanie Brooke.

Tiphanie Brooke aka antigirl is a master of injecting just the perfect amount of edgy deconstructed graphic design into her heavenly collages... her genius repertoire includes design/print, illustration, photography, painting, and screen printing. She lives and works in Phoenix, AZ but has a worldwide following. She is especially known for her hearts collection, which have their own cult following. You can also follow her on twitter here.

Beautiful collage work...Li-Kim Chuah.

It's been a while since I posted about collage work and today there were two amazing collage artists who contacted FP. Li-Kim Chuah is a photographer and collage artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Sweet and vintagey with a little bit of punk thrown in there, please have a look at her work housed on flickr. A little bio from Li-Kim:

As a photographer trapped indoors during a grey Melbourne winter I have recently discovered collage. Collage is a great way for me to be creative, finally using all the kitsch books I have collected from Op Shops over the years. I love working with bold garish colour, grotesque 80s food and bad fashion.

Call for Submissions....

FP is always open to submissions from female artists....There will be some new developments and opportunities happening with FP exposure soon and I would really like to put it out there that we are looking for artists to feature! Submit to and link to the twitter feed at

Additionally, if you have been a past featured artist, whether in the blog or as a former girlcrush, please continue to send your updates and current exhibition schedules so we can stay in the know!
Thank you!

Amy Kligman.

The visual innocent symbolism of little girls and flowers are tainted with oil slicks and slightly warped nightmares in Amy Kligman's "Thoughts Before Sleeping" collection.

Amy's work is a psychological study, observing people and patterns in their nature; their dreams, their mistakes. Themes include social anxiety and awkwardness, strength found in strange places, and the mundane details that become the background for all of life's psychodramas.

You can see more of her beautiful work and peruse through her rich sketchbooks here.

Anna Haldin-Maule has a head for fashion.

With the skillfulness of the Old Masters, Anna Haldin-Maule paints luscious ironic oil paintings inspired by her "love and discomfort with the world of fashion" from the island of Kauai. You can watch full videos on her site depicting her incredible techniques from selecting the right pose for the model to the layering of her paint.