Heide Hatry: Imagine It Thick In Your Own Hair

Imagine It Thick In Your Own Hair: I received an invite today for a benefit and silent auction for the victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill, by German visual artist and curator Heide Hatry, in conjunction with a silent auction of work by numerous artists. At the Pierre Menard Gallery in Cambridge, MA through August 1, 2010.

With strong support from artists Marina Abramovic and Joel-Peter Witkin on Hatry's site this is sure to be an interesting show.

The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures and artist book and some of the work will include actual animals such as birds, opossums, rats and mice.

Using road kill and found animal corpses, Hatry creates scenes suggestive of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico today. Her pigments are actual oil and tar and other “organic” materials that are the substance of the disaster. Life is a circle. Even the repugnant oil that is responsible for destroying life and land was once living animals and plants itself.

Drawing: "Dreams climb other dreams and then pass right through" by Liz Insogna