Jaclyn Santos: Bravo's Next Great Artist

Yesterday I tweeted about the upcoming Bravo TV reality show "Work of Art" (still having a hard time with the idea of competing artists, kind of like the Oscars for me...but we'll see) and today I heard from one of the contestants, Jaclyn Santos. A former assistant to Jeff Koons, Santos' work is both sexual and spiritual, confronting the male gaze and post feminism head on. From her site:

"I am concerned with defying stereotypes and obscuring the boundary between "high" and "low" art. I like to create a tension between the viewer as a voyeur and the viewer as a participant. I frequently make use of "masculine" imagery such as sports cars and urinals or give mundane objects a phallic connotation - this serves to emphasize the sexual undertone of the narratives. I feel that contemporary American society places an unattainable amount of expectations on women; cinematography in particular often creates "superwomen" who are unnaturally beautiful, smart, talented, successful, and sexually gifted. However, due to time constraints as well as genetically determined physical and mental limitations, no real woman could ever possibly achieve equality with these fictitious idols..."

I am looking forward to watching her on the show as well as featuring more of her work on fp.You can follow Jaclyn on twitter here as well.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm sorry, but I feel that she's too interested in herself. As an artist that expresses vulnerability, I feel the way she is going about it is awful. She makes herself the object with the mindset that she is always an object of desire, in doing so she assumes that all men want her, and she purposely poses nude for people to look at her. I guess I can understand if that's her way of feeling vulnerable, but I feel that vulnerability comes without asking.

    July 14, 2010 at 3:45 PM