...and speaking of sexy art books...

Ok well I admit I scoffed at the price of Helmut Newton's Sumo when it was published and sold for $1500. And you know what...? It appreciated in value and is upwards of $7000. on ebay and elsewhere. I remember one person who had it then and it was deserving of the altar it came with. Lucky girl. Perhaps this new $1000. Bettina Rheims (and Serge Bramly) piece will do the same. From the Amazon.com description:

Equal parts erotica, fashion shoot, art monograph, metaphysical mystery, social and cultural archaeology of the French capital, and neo-noir arthouse film—Rose, c'est Paris is all this and more.

In a surrealistic inversion of the oft-imitated 1954 Parisian photobook...Love On The Left Bank, this mesmerizing work is the meandering tale of twin sisters, known only as B and R, and a third principal—the city itself. When R returns to their apartment and learns that B has been abducted following a violent struggle, a dreamlike detective story unfolds in black and white on the streets, in the cafés and cabarets, groceries and museums, usines abondonées, and grands hotels of Paris.

Luscious. Anyone want to donate one?