A response to Newsweek on young feminists...Young Women Activists are NOT Apathetic, just Under-Represented!

This week, Newsweek magazine has published an article:
Remember Roe! How can the next generation defend abortion rights when they don't think abortion rights need defending? regarding the current state of the pro-choice movement seemingly without quoting any younger generation activists.
Perhaps Newsweek isn't aware of social media sites such as twitter and facebook, and the power they wield when it comes to sharing information, creating momentum, and organization. There is NO apathy when it comes to the pro-choice response amongst young women. Our rallying cry is healthy and loud and we are mobilized and ready to fight. The next generation of women is highly aware of the importance and vulnerability of Roe v. Wade and we eagerly look forward to the next female Supreme Court nominee. Even back in 2004, when I attended the March for Women's Rights rally in Wash. DC, it was an amazing experience to witness both old and younger generations, mothers and daughters (as well as husbands, fathers and boyfriends) come together to protest, even though the staggering numbers represented barely made it to the news the following day. I think the greater issue is who the media focuses on when it comes to our voice. WHERE is OUR representation in the mainstream media? It seems to be greatly lacking. I point to the media's apathy to reach out to US. I alone can point to several key bloggers and sites who lead this charge: http://thefbomb.org, Lindsey Horvath, Shelby Knox, Jenn Pozner, NOWYoungFems just to name a few. Perhaps if any of these young outspoken women were approached for this article it may have had a different point of view.