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Natalie Finkelstein.

Natalie Finkelstein is a Montreal-based artist who has a juicy collection of collection of paintings called Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, portraying to the pressures that woman feel to be nice and sweet, like eye candy. She is also currently working on a painting installation and short video based on a discussion with a group of 8 high school girls who discussed body issues and objectification of women in the media. Keep an eye on her site ( for more info.

Typography Inspiration

Simply finding some beautiful typography inspiration this morning from these vintage piano sheets.

Call For Submissions

Each Monday, features one story, one image and one song - each by a different underexposed, talented up-and-comer. All issues are thoughtfully curated by Sarah Lynn Knowles (SARAHSPY, The Furnace Review).

Submission Guidelines
To submit work, please carefully follow the guidelines below. Submissions are held in consideration for up to 6 months. You will hear back only if your work has been selected for publication. Writers may submit short fiction (3,500 words maximum) either in the body of an email or as an .rtf attachment to Be sure to send a short bio, upcoming publication credits and your website link. Photographers & other visual artists may submit links to 1-3 images (no attachments, please) to Be sure to send a short bio, including any recent or upcoming gallery/publication credits and your website link. Bands/labels may submit songs (1-2 per artist) via our Soundcloud dropbox. Be sure to include a short bio specifying the artist's location, label (if unsigned, say so), album title/release date, and website.