The state of girl, the condition of girl -- in the world and in us -- will determine if this species survives.
–Eve Ensler

I just returned empowered and energized from the V-Day Luncheon in Los Angeles. I feel wide-eyed and ready to go! V-Day is Eve Ensler's organization to permanently end violence against women and girls. The luncheon was emotional and powerful with readings from Eve's new piece "I am an Emotional Creature" and speeches from Chralize Theron and Rosario Dawson who were brave enough to share their own personal experiences and how we can all connect to women particularly in the Congo, but also throughout the world. I would like to put together a future art show / fund-raising effort for this organization and will be calling on female artists who would like to participate soon. In the meantime, please check out the website: vday.org