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Wings of the Dove

Reading about the debut of model Agyness Deyn in a short film called Mean to Me also starring Linus Roache, I was reminded of how much I adored him and my good friend Alison Elliott in The Wings of the Dove (1997--has it really been that long ago?) It's such a spectacular period love triangle thriller and one of those films I need to dig out and rewatch. Perfect for a rainy Saturday and then lusting for old Mary McFadden evening gowns and a trip to Venice.

Yuula Benivolski: Migrant Creatures

Speaking of Yuula Benivolski, her MFA thesis show, Migrant Creatures, opened last week at Les Territoires in Montreal and it is beautiful.

Migrant Creatures examines the emotional repercussions of new environments and the quiet solitary states within a migrant life. Through photographs and installation Yuula Benivolski presents the process of adaptation and its contemplative moments, as experienced by a single figure within the landscape.

Fictional rituals and survivalist traditions come together within a human subject whose existence is paradoxical: her body is firmly planted in the physical world while her mind wanders within the private realm of a self defined memory and history.

The show runs until March 2nd.

Les Territoires
372 rue Ste-Catherine O #527
Montreal, Quebec

More information on the gallery website.

Marlaina Read: New Work

This show is already underway, but if I was anywhere near Australia I would go.

Marlaina Read: New Work

An exhibition of new photographic work, Masters of Fine Arts in progress presentation. The images, from a larger body of work, On My Shore, explore a mystical meshing of the fathomless, infinite space of sky and the sea and the grounding, physical expanse of land. Dreamlike topographies are revealed, explored and small rituals are performed. On My Shore manifests unknown realities.

ESP. Gallery
228 Illawarra Road
Marrickville, Australia

Exhibition runs 18 February - 7 March 2010

More information on the ESP. Gallery website.

Lisa Cristinzo

One of the things I love most right now is Lisa Cristinzo's Winter Wildebeasta, photographed by Kate Young. Lisa is an artist working in Toronto and assisting in managing Artscape Gibraltar Point. She is a painter and also does performance as an alter ego, warrior Beasta Wilda.

Last week she was profiled in NOW Magazine.

Watch Fighting Waves, a video of Beasta and her wife, Solar Zinc (artist Yuula Benivolski), from summer 2009.


The state of girl, the condition of girl -- in the world and in us -- will determine if this species survives.
–Eve Ensler

I just returned empowered and energized from the V-Day Luncheon in Los Angeles. I feel wide-eyed and ready to go! V-Day is Eve Ensler's organization to permanently end violence against women and girls. The luncheon was emotional and powerful with readings from Eve's new piece "I am an Emotional Creature" and speeches from Chralize Theron and Rosario Dawson who were brave enough to share their own personal experiences and how we can all connect to women particularly in the Congo, but also throughout the world. I would like to put together a future art show / fund-raising effort for this organization and will be calling on female artists who would like to participate soon. In the meantime, please check out the website:

Shocked and saddened...

I am so shocked to learn this morning of the death of Alexander McQueen. I wanted to take a moment to remember how influential he has been to me throughout the years as a designer. I have studied fashion and costume design throughout my life. My mother was a seamstress and taught fashion designers, there was always stray pattern pieces, yards of materials, tools, pins in the house. Projects to be working on, contests to enter. The first time I ever read about McQueen was in Vogue...I will never forget the article because it described how he scribble-sewed “I am a c*nt” into the sleeve lining of a suit he was working on for Prince Charles. This blew my mind. He was the first designer to speak to me and show me that fashion could be theatrical, it could be art, and most importantly it could be irreverent. Whenever I was told that something couldn't be done in construction I of course then wanted to do it...and I loved that I had someone to emulate. From the bumsters to the spray paint, I adored everything that he did. I recently stopped everything at work to watch his last show live and it didn't disappoint. He will now be remembered as an icon.