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Grace Kelly exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum

If you're in London April 17 - September 26, the V&A Fashion Wing will be exhibiting Grace Kelly's wardrobe including her iconic lace wedding dress, Oscar gowns and the original Hermes Kelly Bag. Ooh lala, sure to be lustful.

Lady Gaga on 20/20

This interview on 20/20 was curious and compelling. Whenever she speaks I am intrigued. Check it out. Lady Gaga: I Felt Like A Freak

Where is MY Mapplethorpe?

Patti Smith's new memoir is a love tribute to her friend, lover and confidant Robert Mapplethorpe. I've often contemplated the perfect storm of timing and a meeting of creative minds. It seems to happen once in a miracle, like the Beatles, and theirs was definitely in that realm. Patti Smith continues to inspire and I'm looking forward to this book: Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Pages take on life.

Currently wishing I owned one of Scottish artist's Georgia Russell's feathery slashed books. Meticulous and dreamy!

Old books have always seemed to her like sculptural objects ‘representing the many hands which have held them and the minds they have passed through’. She says that she has always chosen something which ‘holds within it a sense of its own personal history, an object which has a secret life’, and wants to resurrect her fragile materials and give them ‘a new life and new meaning’. There is a simultaneous sense of loss and preservation in each construction, as she wants to retain and reclaim the past as much as her techniques attack it.
–quote from England & Co., her representation

Women Are Beautiful

Amazing situational photographer Alex Prager is having her first major New York show this month at the Yancey Richardson Gallery. Entitled "Week-end," the opening reception is on January 14th and if you come to the opening you will receive a 46-page limited edition catalog. I have one of Alex's catalogs and they are very well-done pieces of art in and of themselves. From there the show will move on to Los Angeles on Jan. 30th.