Unfortunate Day for Women's Rights...

If the Stupak Amendment--supported by the religious right AND left and the bishop's group-- is ultimately in the final draft of the healthcare bill, it is a major setback for women's rights. It's getting tiresome to listen to Democrats talk the talk about protecting women's reproductive rights, and then using them time and again as a throwaway barter chip in the eleventh hour. Imagine if men's health issues were on the table-- let's just say no erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer coverage...it's infuriating that our rights just keep getting chipped away. And this is not about the upper/middle class who can afford it. It's about the female poor and lower classes who NEED reproductive choices, and will be unable to afford them. It's about chipping and chipping away at our rights until illegal and unsafe abortions become common again.

Because of the limits placed on the exchanges, most of the participants will have some form of premium credit or affordable subsidy. That means most will be ineligible for abortion coverage. The idea that people are going to go out and purchase separate "abortion plans" is both cruel and laughable. If this amendment passes, it will mean that virtually all women with insurance through the exchange who find themselves in the unwanted and unexpected position of needing to terminate a pregnancy will not have coverage for the procedure. Abortion coverage will not be outlawed in this country. It will simply be tiered, reserved for those rich enough to afford insurance themselves or lucky enough to receive from their employers. (Ezra Klein, Washington Post)
Seeing the Democrats celebrating this "historic victory" at the cost of women's freedoms when it comes to their own bodies is tremendously sad, and I can't help but think when people brush it off..."well I'd rather have that than nothing..." that it's a slippery slope once all that we've fought for thus far starts crumbling away at the expense of political gambling.

Additionally, a must-read article by Taylor Marsh on the Huffington post is here: In Pelosi's House, 64 Democrats Sell Women Out.

For action you can take now, please see Planned Parenthood or NARAL.