Fashion fix today...

First looks at "September Issue," the documentary about Vogue editor Anna Wintour. I worked in the editorial business for a couple of years, and I remember just how grueling the deadlines were. A production every month! And the magazine had to get out! So I'm eager to see how she is presented here. I have felt for years now that Vogue has gotten rather stale as a result of one singlemost powerful tyrant ruling the industry, so I want to see how this documentary is going to pan out. Plus I believe it touches on the debate over photo retouching...which obviously brings up the bigger question of how these little decisions have a greater impact on women and society when it comes to consumerism and body consciousness.

Another fashionista I always had a girlcrush on was Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Today is the TEN year anniversary of the plane crash if you can believe it. I have often frequented the internet to find a compilation of photographs of her style with little luck. Huff. Post today has a nice sampling. The thing I love the most about her is that she never tried too hard, even with all the attention focused on her. She always wore the clothes and not the other way around. And I still just love her nose, and wish Hollywood was more reflective of that kind of a quirky glamourous look.