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RIP Farrah

You were such an integral part of my Seventies childhood. Jill Monroe kicked ass with total class.

Lauren Gibbes.

Past FP artist Lauren Gibbes, one of my faves, has a piece in a show that looks promising this Saturday in NY on the Lower East Side: Saturday June 20th from 4-6 pm at Sloan Fine Art 128 Rivington St. NY 10002

Say What? Is Angelina Jolie the New Face of Feminism?

The inimitable Naomi Wolf has written an interesting piece for Harper's Bazaar this month entitled, "The Power of Angelina Jolie." It's an amazing piece about the state of feminism and the power of fantasy...and it's all...surprisingly true! Here's an excerpt:

Yes, she is conventionally beautiful: Bosomy and wasp-waisted, with that curtain of hair and those crazy pillowy lips, she is an obvious male sex fantasy. But more suggestively, polls show that her appeal and magnetism play at least as powerfully in the fantasy life of females.

Women admire Angelina Jolie, but that would hardly stop the presses. Polls also show that if women — not just lesbian and bisexual women but straight women — had to choose a female lover, they would want to sleep with Angelina Jolie. In other words, women both identify with her and desire her.

There's something more than a simply physical response. Her persona hits an unprecedented level of global resonance — and makes women want to be with her and be her at the same time — because she has created a life narrative that is not just personal. Rather, it is archetypal. And the archetype is one that really, for the first time in modern culture, brings together almost every aspect of female empowerment and liberation.

You can read the rest here.

CAVE show tonight

I'm swinging by the CAVE show tonight to support fellow artist Amy Botello....more info here.

Cinnamon Girl.

The Doors was on TV the other night and got caught up in it's druggy portrayal of Jim Morrison...since I pass his old Venice apartment every day on my way to coffee, and since I used to know someone who lived there, beachy wooden floors, the round window overlooking the beach...I was reminded of the real California girl Pamela Courson and just thinking in general about an homage to good girls who terminally love the bad boys, living tragically in the shadows, girl can't help it.

Amazing...we will know the outcome tomorrow.

Women campaign in Iran
Iranian woman campaigns with husband, drawing massive female crowds, demanding equal rights. Christine Amanpour reports.
Source: CNN | June 11, 2009


Bloggers, artists, creative types. I had a great informative discussion this morning with a lawyer at regarding blogging rights and the posting of artwork in regards to copyright infringement. If you have any questions regarding your work/your site/your creative rights/online harrassment from third parties...don't hesitate to contact and support New Media Rights. What a fantastic service! I spoke with Art Neill. Very helpful. Here's his information.

Art Neill
New Media Rights
3100 5th Ave. Suite B
San Diego, CA 92103
619-696-6966, 619-591-8870

Hot Juicy Marilyn Minter.

I love Marilyn Minter...her colors astound me. To see more of Green Pink Caviar visit her site. Or if you're lucky enough to be in NYC, it's screening in Times Square.

"I was shooting stills of models with long tongues swirling and sucking bakery products from under a pane of glass. I wanted to make enamel paintings along the idea of 'painting with my tongue'. My makeup artist shot some short videos during the shoot just to see how it would look. The low definition videos looked so good that we made plans to do a professional high definition video. This made sense to me as I have made both billboards and produced a commercial advertising a painting show in 1989." –Marilyn Minter

Mercedes Helnwein at SCOPEBasil.

Mercedes Helnwein's work will be represented by Pool Gallery (Berlin) at this years SCOPE BASEL art fair in Basel, Switzerlan. For details click here.

Previously unpublished photos of Marilyn.

August 1950: A 24-year-old Marilyn, wearing a simple button-down shirt monogrammed with her initials, leans against a tree in Los Angeles' Griffith Park for LIFE photographer Ed Clark. The negatives for these photos were recently discovered during our ongoing effort to digitize LIFE's immense and storied photo archive, including outtakes and entire shoots that never saw the light of day. Click through to see more stunning shots of Marilyn, plus the reason why they may never have been published...

Dr. George Tiller's Assasination.

I am deeply saddened by the murder of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider in Kansas. It is a reminder that we are not finished in our fight for our reproductive rights, and that so many things still hang in the balance. To the hypocritical religious zealots/crazies out there-- YOU WILL NEVER WIN. You will never possess control of our bodies. As long as we live in the United States of America women will fight you and will win every time. Dr. Tiller was a true hero for reproductive health, working endlessly through massive adversity, knowing that his life was at risk.

Planned Parenthood Statement here.

To express sympathy to his family, friends, and clinic, you can send an email here.

To make a donation in Dr. Tiller's name:


Medical Students for Choice