A Wink and a Smile

Director Deirdre Timmons' documentary "A Wink and a Smile" draws back the velvet curtain as students of Seattle's Academy of Burlesque have 6 weeks to reveal their hidden talents.

Through their adventures (and misadventures) we see why a homemaker, a reporter, a doctor, an opera singer, a taxidermist and students join the American cultural revival that is swelling from a fringe fascination to mainstream obsession. The 90-minute musical documentary tells the story of exposing more than the human body, putting gender, power, sexuality, and social identity under a glittery spotlight.
**Official Premiere in Seattle Friday 5/15 @ NorthWest Film Forum
With Live performances by Miss Indigo Blue, Mercury Troy + more, and go-go girls Sassy DeLure & Fuchsia FoXXX