Paint Made Flesh

Travellers, Lisa Yuskavage, 2008, oil on linen

Paint Made Flesh is group show that will be at the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. June 20 - September 13, 2009. My absolute favorite painter, Lisa Yuskavage, is in the show. Her fleshy ladies and juicy palettes just make me weak in the knees. Her latest work continues her themes of blossoming sexuality, dreamy landscapes and captured moments of bizarre beauties tinged with melancholy (some with faces covered in pie!)
Through about 40 paintings created since the 1950s, Paint Made Flesh reveals a wide range of artistic responses to both the sensual properties and metaphorical significance of human flesh—and the ways in which artists continue to use traditional methods and the human figure to explore the human experience.

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  1. robbergirl

    I am such a huge fan of Lisa Yuskavage

    May 21, 2009 at 4:04 PM