How Do You Really Feel?

I came across Miki Sato's work yesterday on the site called Paper Beats Internet. I'm pretty obsessed with the name and the concept is really interesting. It's a social networking site for illustrators where they can post their images and have others comment on those illustrations with their own illustrations. I may work in the interactive realm, but I have a deep love-affair with everything non-internet related. While I was skimming the site, I came across an artist that captured my imagination as well as my emotions in a beautiful, colorful, sweeping way. The illustration above is called "Stopping daydreams, seeing reality", and Miki has captured exactly what that moment of truth feels like. Other illustrations are titled, "Pursuit of Passion", "Optimism in Learning How to Fly", and my personal favorite, "Hearing Disappointing News", which features a woman holding up a conk shell that contains a disturbed hermit crab who pinches her ear. If only she could my personal therapist; my emotions would look so beautiful. Be sure to check out all of her illustrations here.