Laura Ling and Euna Lee to be tried in N. Korea

North Korea has decided to indict the 2 reporters who were investigating human trafficking and sexual slavery between China and N.Korea for the San Francisco-based Current Network.

North Korea has concluded an investigation regarding two detained American journalists, and they will stand trial, according to the nation’s state-run news service, KCNA.
“A competent organ of (North Korea) concluded the investigation into the journalists of the United States,” the news service reported Friday. “The organ formally decided to refer them to a trial on the basis of the confirmed crimes committed by them.
With the outrage and seeming momentum behind the Roxana Saberi case I continue to be surprised at the lack of attention on this case. Why is Al Gore and Current TV still mum on this issue??
Sign the Petition from the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery calling for their immediate release.

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