Free Roxana Saberi, Laura Ling and Euna Lee

Iranian-American journalist (and former Miss North Dakota) Roxana Saberi has been sentenced to 8 years in prison in Iran for spying. 

Roxana had travelled to Iran and had lived there for 6 years, writing a book and working for NPR and the BBC. First she was arrested for buying a bottle of wine, then it was for expired press credentials, now they're saying she's a spy, despite zero evidence to support that. The trial was unusually fast, only taking 1-day, and her parents who had travelled to Iran were not allowed in to the courtroom to hear the verdict. Free Roxana Saberi 

Also, Laura Ling and Euna Lee are still being held in North Korea on charges of spying, after being arrested while covering a piece for Current TV on N. Korean defectors who escape to China. I haven't heard anything about this lately and Current TV is completely mum on the subject, which although frustrating, makes me hope that efforts are underway to handle this delicately with the North Korean regime to free these reporters.

It seems to me these are antagonizing actions taken by these 2 countries to test our new President. With all of President Obama's recent overtures to North Korea and Iran I think it's time to toughen up. Please write President Obama as well as your Senators and Representatives to demand action be taken to engage North Korea and Iran to free these journalists.

Photo credit: Eustacio Humphrey / ZUMA Press

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