Somewhere between the Sublime and the Grotesque...

lies the work of artist Janice Sloane...her mission statement reads:

In my work, the theme of skin and its impermanence has always been a constant -- from the use of wax in painting, to create a textural body, which emerged from the surface to the elastic skin of a model I collaborated with and photographed for 7 years until his death. I am now making heads using pieces of latex Halloween masks pieced together with stainless steel pins. I find that latex is a very tactile and sensuous medium in which to convey my ideas of the flesh. These works are primarily inspired by cosmetic plastic surgery, African art, ritual objects and painting references. These heads display many of the features people want to rid themselves of or prevent by means of plastic surgery, namely aging wrinkles, deformities, discolorations, exaggerated features; etc. -- the list of "imperfections" is very long. These heads are also intended to address society's pressure for "perfect beauty", eternal youth and conformity.