Raised As a Pack of Wolves.

Reminding me of the Singapore version of Larry Clark's Kids, from Genevieve Chua, 24, comes the intriguing photo series Raised As a Pack of Wolves. In her words:

Raised as a Pack of Wolves is a visual narrative revolving around a family
of youths who come together in support of each other where they fend for
themselves in the wild. This series shows their attempts to establish
familial ties during the awkwardness of adolescence, as they move about
together like wolves on a hunt.

The story runs along with a written narrative that is on the cover of the
site. The photographs feature the "wolf spirits" as androgynous youths,
who are assumed girls, as the real gender of these wolves are not yet
apparent. The series consists of 60 photographs that were shot in low-light,
at dawn, where these characters emerge from the wild.

Raised as a Pack of Wolves is a commissioned series by M1 Singapore Fringe
Festival 2009.