Alli Good.

I love economy of word and I love economy of line. Alli Good's illustrative work is the latter...says so much with such beautiful and simple lines. From her site:

Alli Good’s paintings and works are a quasi-autobiographical exploration of family, social anxiety and feminism, tackled in the dark, surreal, but often humorous style for which she’s known. Her paintings, influenced by comic and pop art, depict large, fleshy females in unsparing and sometimes grotesque nudity, exploring deeply-ingrained issues of female body-image. It’s a kaleidoscopic journey in which women sprout ice-cream cone hands and have haloes made of unicorns, where female trolls cling to the legs of a woman and flesh turns to fish scales. Ultimately, the images are both disturbing and strangely poignant, forming a jagged path to beauty and self-knowledge.