Karen Kilimnik Berlin.

I've always loved Karen Kilimnik's girly dreamy drawings of celebutantes and models like Kate Moss. They remind me of a teenage girl's high school binder doodles...or at least of mine. She's now doing video installation work with similar slumber-party flavor; her latest show in Berlin references the icon film Heathers...hopefully it will come here:

"Her latest video takes another iconic work, Michael Lehmann’s horror comedy Heathers (1989), and stretches it into a film more than six hours long—the artist rewinding and replaying scenes between actresses Shannen Doherty and Wynona Ryder like a gaggle of tipsy girls at a slumber party. The gallery’s sepulchral staging of the video echoes the many funeral scenes in the film, enhancing the original work’s black comedy edge."
–from berlin.unlike