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Elizabeth Peyton: Live Forever

Here's who I love: Elizabeth Peyton. I love her so much when I met her at a Hammer Museum event I probably freaked her out because I pretty much asked if we could be best friends forever and have slumber parties and talk about boys and music. Anyway I wish I was in NY to see this show at the New Museum. There's a pretty cool interview with her on their site here.

Original Women.

This arrived in my inbox this morning...are you looking for a good Christmas present where as the giver you can feel as good as the recipient? I love the concept of the website, celebrating the artistry of women around the world, and in particular, the home section.

The Pirelli Calendar.

Shot by my hero, Peter Beard. Pirelli Calendar Club.

Violence in Art...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were featured in this photoshoot, which is a demonstration of our violent culture and media. The work was created by fashion photographer, Steven Klein, for W…what do you think, reflection or disturber? For the video, click here.

New world, new site.

It seems fitting that our hot new prez will be continuing to embrace the technology that helped get him elected with weekly youtube addresses and emails. And I also celebrate the choosing of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State...With the unusual vibe of optimism (so foreign!) in the air, I welcome you to the new incarnation of After many lives (I believe we're on our fifth now...) we've evolved into the world of blogging. It will allow me and other contributors to make faster changes (change!) as well as feature more artists. One thing that has always plagued me in the past is the amount of submissions I receive any given week and the lack of time we have to post your work. I believe this is our best reality yet. Please let me know what you think, and do subscribe to the new fp blog!